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"My love of golf is only equaled by my desire to teach others the game."

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Florida Golf Coach Marc is the cure for whatever ails your golf game!


Golf Lessons

  • Private Golf Lessons in 30 or 60 minute sessions
  • Group Golf Lesson Clinics in 60 minute sessions
  • On the Course Golf Playing Lessons
  • Video Analysis and E-mail Correspondence

Private Golf Lessons

Private Lessons provide one-on-one instruction, using video analysis, going over the basic swing fundamentals and focusing on club positions. Marc uses a patient approach to teaching, and will be attuned to your goals of what you want to get out of your individualized lesson. If you're already an experienced golfer, you know there's that "next level" to your game. Marc analyzes your game, relieves your frustration, and helps you get there!

Group Golf Lesson Clinics

One hour Group Clinics cover all aspects of the game: full swing, woods and irons, putting, chipping, and bunker play. Classes range from 4 to 10 students on all different levels, but there is also individual attention given as well.

On the Course Playing Lessons

Playing Lessons are $125 per nine holes. Coach Marc goes over golf course fundamentals, golf course management, club selection, rules, putting, video analysis, and swing positions.

FAQs with Coach Marc

Q. What is your favorite golf course in Tampa Bay?
A. My favorite course is TPC Tampa.

Q. What type of course should a beginner play on?
A. Beginners should play on a par three course like Baypointe or Pinecrest.

Q. What is the most important part of a golf game?
A. The most important part of a golf game is the short game; that is where most of the score is. 70 percent of golf is 100 yards and in.

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Ace Golf
Crescent Oaks
Missing Links
The Tides Golf Club
Wentworth Golf Course

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